The Five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

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Roberto Esposito
·Oct 5, 2022·

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  1. Operational Excellence Pillar

  2. Security Pillar

  3. Reliability Pillar

  4. Performance Efficiency Pillar

  5. Cost Optimization Pillar

  6. Sustainability

Operational Excellence Pillar The operational excellence pillar includes the ability to run and monitor systems to deliver business value and continually improve supporting processes and procedures.

Design Principles, examples

Automate cluster operations

Use cloud-native architectures where applicable

Best Practices Prepare: As you prepare to deploy your workload, consider using specialized software packages (commercial or open source) to gain visibility into system information and leverage this information to define architecture patterns for your workloads. Use automation tools,

Operate: Operations must be standardized and managed routinely. Focus on automation, small frequent changes, regular quality assurance testing, and defined mechanisms to track, audit, roll back, and review changes.

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