Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud Adoption Framework

Notes for the Azure Cybersecurity Exam

Guiding Principles

  • Business enablement: Align to organization's business objective and risk framework

Foundations of Zero Trust

  1. Identity

  2. Devices

  3. Network

  4. Applications

  5. Data

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  • Zero trust principles

    1. Assume breach
    1. Explicit verification

      1. Least-privileged access

Example of a tailored Azure landing zone hierarchy

Diagram that shows a tailored Azure landing zone hierarchy.

Points to consider

  • Tailoring the hierarchy isn't mandatory. The default archetypes and hierarchy we provide are suitable for most scenarios.

  • Don't re-create your organizational hierarchy, teams, or departments in archetypes.

  • Always try to build on the existing archetypes and hierarchy to meet new requirements.

  • Only create new archetypes when they're truly needed.

  • Don't create archetypes for environments like development, test, and production.

Green field. New environment

Brown Field. Existing environment